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Asking “Is this all there is?” or “What is next?” when we come to a crossroads is common and healthy.  These questions show that on some level, you are aware of the changes in your sense of self or your experience of your place in the world. You are seeking the best way possible to restructure who you know yourself to be. You are seeking the best way possible to keep making a difference.  However, we’re often conditioned that something must be wrong if we are asking questions like this, so we get stuck between different belief systems and ideas about reality.  Somehow we absorb that either we should know how to be happy and successful or something is wrong with us.  The work of METApoints shows you that nothing is fundamentally wrong, even if you are in times of deep restoration and re-claiming of your life.  The work of METApoints will show you how circumstances, life design, and even matters of survival may shape your world but do not have to define who you are. 


It is realistic that life events would sometimes shift who we know ourselves to be.  Yet there is little in our society supporting us in understanding our identities are always evolving.  We are not even taught that we can participate in renewing our sense of self, or our life design, but we can.  This is the developmental path mentioned above.  This developmental path is so beautiful and powerful.  It is part of Self actualization.   It is part of recalibrating at all manner of crossroads.   It is part of healing after being hurt or even after a serious trauma.  Most of all, participating in renewing our sense of self is vital to restoring our daily experience of the magnificence of what it is to be human, individually and as a collective.  The work of METApoints gives you access to your own inner wisdom, returning you to an ability to distinguish what is resonant and life-enhancing for you.

Why do I say we are in times calling for each of us to know what connects us to life and has us exist as whole?  Eons past, I believe it once was this way, and each of us carries that imprint in the deepest parts of our souls.  Over the last 60 years, more and more people are awakening to what is possible in life, what their potential is, and what it is to be human.   In addition, the world is rapidly becoming a global community.  These three dynamics, especially together, means more and more of what is untenable or unworkable for individuals and the collective is getting revealed, just as new and glorious benefits, strengths and opportunities are getting revealed.  Old systems are either failing or evolving very quickly. Paraphrasing Einstein, we cannot create new solutions or systems from the world the old systems came from.  So, we need to learn ourselves newly, and expand our abilities to be creative if we want to keep the past from repeating itself.  We need to form creation-based systems of survival, and let go of fear-based survival systems to help generate a future that seems to be asking to be born.  To tolerate as much transition as the world is going through currently, we need to learn to move with what is life-enhancing and resonant if we’re going to fulfill our potential, individually and as a collective.   This is the work of METApoints.


All that being said, the work of METApoints does not tell you what to believe or suggest we can give you all the answers.  The work of METApoints is about empowering you to access, embrace and own your authenticity, your dreams, your self expression, your contribution.   


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Welcome Home Deborah Merchant About METApoints Services Products & Resources