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Deborah Merchant, MSW, LSW, MA is a spiritual counselor and teacher who has been part of the human potential movement for over twenty-five years.  Her passion has always been to investigate how to live consciously, both individually and in community.  She is co-founder of Metapoints, a teaching and practice that connects us to Life and has us exist as Whole.

Deborah's life exploration has included psychology and religious studies.  A PsyD candidate in clinical psychology at Saybrook University, Deborah is utilizing the work of METApoints to contribute to evolving the world of psychology.  Deborah orients toward restoration and reawakening of humanity's essential resilience, creativity and personal agency as the antidote to the conditioned state of separation and fear that has shaped humanity for far too long.  She is committed to serving people more effectively by helping evolve the field of psychology, synthesizing the value of traditional psychology with the power of eternal values and truths.  Some would call this being part of the humanistic and postmodern developmental paths of psychology. As long as people are restored to their personal and collective power, and to the full stature of what it is to be human, Deborah does not mind what the developmental growth is called.

Deborah also is an organic gardener, wife, mother, and writer.  She loves to sew, draw, embroider, and to play with legos and clay.  She relishes her daily cup of coffee and the pets who share their lives with her and her family.

There are several other areas Deborah is passionate about. Because these are areas of self-expression for Deborah, it is easy for her to use them as means to illustrate how the work of METApoints shows up in our daily lives.  Thus, Deborah will be posting blogs and resources on new economic systems rising, financial intelligence, the field of psychology, human potential, community, wellness and vitality, and other areas of life leading to “a world that works for everyone” (quote from the est training & Landmark Education).  Your responses will be so welcomed and are so important.

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Welcome Home Deborah Merchant About METApoints Services Products & Resources