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Saturate Your Cells

Saturate Your Cells is the resource section of METApoints.   Your system (body, mind, spirit) requires support as you continue on your journey of self realization, self healing, and manifestation.  Having a place to discover what feeds your system for these accomplishments is invaluable, and is part of the work of METApoints.

The Points of Connection

Moving with Transition

4 CD Set saturate your cells
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We are designed to need each other and conscious use of resources to fulfill our lives.  This truth has been passed down many ways, including by quotes like “No man is an island”.  Self actualization is not necessarily an easy journey, but it is inherent to human nature and is one of the best gigs on the planet.  Resources are especially needed since we are born into a system which has conditioned us to think we are broken, something is wrong with us, or which puts up roadblocks to keep people in ‘their place’.  We are born into a system that diminishes what it is to be human and discourages embracing our magnificence and our true inter-dependent nature.  Deep in our hearts, each of us knows the truth and beauty of our being.  But living that truth fully is  not always easy.  Supports, resources and development allow you to return to your full stature, to who you know you really are, and to fulfill your dreams, even if it takes you the rest of your life.  The fact is, the rest of your life is going to occur anyway, so perhaps this section can help you choose resources and life designs that support you fully. 

You’ve heard sayings like “you are what you eat,” Or, “as a man thinketh, so is he”.  These two sayings show that what you saturate the cells of your body with, or the cells of your brain, or the energy of your spirit, has a lot to do with how far you can go in your Self realization, self healing and manifestation.   Knowing how to choose what you saturate your cells with, is part of this journey as well, and may require assistance or resources. 

And finally, what you saturate your cells with has you be able for these changing times: how to remain balanced, in resonance with your Self and life, and focused on what you came here to provide.  In these dynamic, changing times, many structures of existence are shifting dramatically.  What you saturate your cells with allows you to maximize the creative contribution to new systems rising, and to find your most authentic connections with community.

We will introduce new METApoints products as we develop them or have permission to share what another provides.  We will feature practitioners, technologies, and products generating exactly what they say they will which align with self actualization, community, living a unity-based existence, and a vital, healthy, prosperous life. 

This 4CD set recorded by Tantra Maat conveys the work of METApoints in a fashion that activates your cellular system,  raises your vibrational state.  This recording has a quality of a tuning fork or of a crystal bowl being made to tone.   You become more aware of the many interconnecting metapoints of your life, bringing you and your life together in a unified, co-operative, aligned, mutually enhanced and appreciated reality. 

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saturate your cells

This CD recorded by Tantra Maat encourages our systems (body/mind/spirit) in these changing times, changes which can feel very turbulent or daunting.  By being present to the metapoints of our lives, resting in what is resonant or life-enhancing, and taking time to just be, we can move with transition gracefully.  We will be able to remain centered, to flow with our contribution as self expression and fulfillment, rather than experiencing these times with resistance, brittleness or stress.    

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This is a free, unique interactive website community that inspires fun, relaxation and spiritual empowerment. Today’s homepage quote is “Our first spiritual teacher is our own heart”.  I find this site pulls me into a restful or de-stressed space as well as the METApoints writing practices
This is a free email newsletter focused not just on positive news, but on creative new ways people are making things happen in life.  In METApoints terminology, we would call these examples of creation-based living, or unity based existence.
This is an interactive website generating community and knowing yourself as a creator. There is a section called Creation-Based News. People post news of new solutions and examples creation-based  existence.

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