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In this work, we explore a very effective way to understand the world around us, to engage with stressors and challenges of life, and explore what it is to be human.   In the work of METApoints,  we begin by considering that all of life is composed of many metapoints.   What is a metapoint?  ‘Meta’ means “able to include what is present, and move beyond that to a greater whole”. ‘Points’ are where all of life comes together in a unified, co-operative, aligned, mutually enhanced and appreciated reality.  This means understanding our lives are made of many interrelated components that move us toward the best for all concerned.  Regarding your world from this vantage point, and using the tools of METApoints that you will learn in the classes,   your perception will change into a unity-based comprehension of life that accelerates your mental understanding, and integrates your physical and emotional well-being to a higher order.  

We have designed two series providing a transformative environment empowering you to discover and choose what you need to fulfill on what is next for you.  Personal consultations are also available.


Regain your Self, Restore your world

NEXT FMS 1 series begins February 22, 2014  10:00am-12:00pm ET  and 7:00am-9:00am PT.
Fee is $280 for new participants;  $200 to review

Foundational Metastudy1

The Foundational METAstudy, level 1, has you distinguish what resonates for you, is life enhancing for you, has you exist as whole, and leads you to the expression of your full potential. In a way, you know exactly what that means, and you may feel relieved that you have found an access point which you may have longed for. In some ways, you may be saying What does this mean?, especially since a lot of people say things like this these days.  Well, basically it means that over time, our culture has become one based in separation, isolation, fear, versions of “us versus them”, and disconnect from nature and other aspects of the world around us, such as community.  This is not the way humans were meant to live, as most of us know so, if only because we catch ourselves thinking “isn’t there something more?”, or “what is wrong with me”, or we feel we do not have the resources to deal with a certain crossroads.  Since this is not the way humans were meant to live, it means we cannot know ourselves fully or fulfill our potential. We have had to compromise and live as diminished versions of ourselves to survive.  This persistent compromise results in living a very small, protected version of yourself.  The glorious thing is that the full life within each of us will find a way, and we are in times that are encouraging access to our full potential.  

This Foundational METAstudy provides a way to restore your system: body, mind and spirit, to your authentic nature. You begin to live consistent with who you really are, free of compromise. Everything you value most is more accessible, more powerful for you. This restoration gives you the power to now use every tool at your disposal toward fulfilling your dreams and purpose.
This 8 session, 8 week study provides the foundation for this system restoration.  This series will be by teleconference. You will receive the call-in number when you register.

The next FMS1 series will be scheduled at a later in the fall of 2014:



Building Resonant Bridges to Your World

In the 8 short weeks of the level 1 series, a great deal of restoration happens. Together we lay a foundation correcting years of compromise to the human system, so it is a lot to integrate into new ways of being.  One participant called it 'building a bridge into being in this world but not of it'.  Because the work of METApoints has always been based on responding to what people say is needed, METApoints now presents Building Resonant Bridges to Your World.  In this 4 class series, practice, practice practice is the key along with asking any questions from any past series of Foundational METAstudy Level 1, even those before the series was named FMS1. We will facilitate the new habits you need, gaining access to the nature of life design, opening you up into the authentic alignment of your world. This authentic alignment allows you to be in the world but not conditioned by it, setting your own stage for a fulfilled life

Building Resonant Bridges to Your World

May 2014

$145 for all 4 classes 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, 10/5      

The Foundational METAstudy 2

Founderationa Metastuce2

Discover and develop your creation-based life by reconnecting to the ways Creation truly operates.  Find your world of unity and community, as distinct from the separation/fear based paradigm of our modern western culture. Taking the gains of FMS1 and 1.5 and moving to the next level of growth, you will anchor your capacity for creation-based survival and self expression, for unity-based collaboration, and for your daily experience of your importance individually and to the collectives to which you belong.  Foundational METAstudy level 2 provides the cap on your foundational ability to live connected to life, to exist as whole. 

Level 2 is a 6 class, 6 week series.

May 2014
Fee is $225


Personal Consultations

Deborah brings an understanding of the challenges that can be part of self actualization, self healing, and manifestation.  She will support you in your development from who you have known yourself to be, into who you are becoming. Conversations with Deborah empower you to resolve matters that arise as you integrate your new sense of self with the world around you.   Deborah shows you how to access, clarify and trust your own wisdom and resources to transcend many of the ways you may be challenged or stuck as you progress towards your goals.   And finally, Deborah provides education to anchor your accomplishments, leaving you empowered to continue your personal growth, being ready to use resources to strengthen and develop other aspects of your body/mind/spirit system that is all part of what it is to be human. 

   Consultations are $60/hour

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Welcome Home Deborah Merchant About METApoints Services Products & Resources